December, 2016

Colombian coffee growers maintain the course towards profitability

This was the main conclusion of the 83rd National Congress of Coffee Growers, their highest authority and instance of decision.

August, 2016

No 31

From Colombia to China Thanks to Coffee

Silvia Inés Tobón performed as judge of baristas in the last 5th Fushan Cup International Barista Championship, in China. She is also an example of how the coffee industry opens more and more doors and opportunities to Colombian women.

May, 2016

No 30

The Cup of Coffee that Flew to Atlanta for the First Time

Thanks to the coffee that he produces with great care, Juan de Jesus Torres won the first ‘Cup of Quality of Magdalena’ competition, was able to travel by plane for the first time and showed his product at the world’s most important specialty coffee Expo.

March, 2016

No 29

FNC Travels to Coffee Regions to Explain Aids to Producers to Face El Niño

Executives of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), headed by the CEO, Roberto Vélez, travel to different coffee regions to explain the multiple support measures taken to mitigate the impact of this climatic event on the economy of producers.

December, 2015

No 28

Moving Towards a Productive, Sustainable and Profitable Coffee Farming

Colombian coffee farmers have resolutely and unanimously bet on improving their profitability, which in turn will contribute to sustainability of the sector as a whole.

September, 2015

No 27

FNC CEO Strengthens Ties with Colombian Coffee Clients in Japan

The meeting will contribute to development of added-value alternatives in markets that reward quality, are dynamic and innovative such as Japan, improving profitability of Colombian coffee growers.

July, 2015

No 26

China Represents a Great Opportunity for Colombian Coffee, says Wang Sen

The low penetration that coffee had had in this traditional tea market was largely due to the fact that Chinese coffee shops did not sell quality beans, such as Colombian, what now contrasts with a rising purchasing power and a demand increasingly educated and sophisticated.

May, 2015

No 25

Going Further on What is Good and Thanking

It is time to encourage to go further on what is good and thank, first of all, the Colombian coffee growers, as well as all the collaborators of the Federation, who supported me through thick and thin, customers, the media, President Santos and his government team, and the members of Congress.

May, 2015

No 24

The Importance of Added Value, a Coffee Growers’ Mandate

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation’s (FNC) articulated strategies, work and vision of future, mandated by farmers themselves, have contributed to achieve significant added value progresses, for the benefit of producers and their families.

March, 2015

No 23

Quality and Consistency of Colombian Coffee are Paying Off

Renovated plantations are producing more export excelso coffee beans than traditional plantations. The proportion of coffee beans per load of parchment coffee increased to 81% and the residues from threshing decreased from 20% to 19%.

February, 2015

No 22

Starting Well This New Year

Satisfactory results of year 2014 left us a good starting point to begin this year with good news. In January, Colombian coffee production was 1.1 million bags, a figure not recorded in the last seven years.

December, 2014

No 21

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, an Institution with a Solid Architecture

Coffee is again at the center of public debate, an issue that shows how our coffee culture is rooted in our nation’s daily life and something we are thankful for, because it strengthens our guild, demonstrating in turn the key role of our actions.

October, 2014

No 20

Our Guild Elections Show How Sound and Representative Our Coffee Institutions Are

The recent guild elections reached a record turnout of 67.3%, which strengthens the democratic, representative, including and plural soundness of Colombian coffee institutions.

July, 2014

No 19

Coffee Growers Elections, a Democratic Process of the Highest Importance

It is the largest electoral process for a non-governmental entity in Latin America; 26% of the electoral census is women, a figure that reflects importance of inclusion as an equality tool.

May, 2014

No 18

Harvesting the Added Value We Have Sown

At moments when world production has been hit by droughts in Brazil and the rust outbreak in Central America, Café de Colombia harvests the fruit of transformation of its production structure and its consistent bet on quality, differentiation, added value and denominations of origin.

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