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May, 2018

No 33

Call for 3rd National Coffee Quality Competition ‘Colombia, Land of Diversity’ is open

• From May 15 to August 15. The competition gathers strength, not only because of producers’ response, but because of the growing number of buyers for whom the competition has become a new benchmark in the global specialty coffee industry.
• As it is tradition, the participation is open to Colombian coffee growers or natural or legal persons, including foreigners, with coffee farms in Colombia in two categories: small and large lots.

April, 2017

No 33

Quindío coffee lot is auctioned at $31 per pound

• The National Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity” has contributed to positioning the diversity of Colombian coffees before buyers who are eager to offer highly differentiated origins and exceptional quality to their customers and consumers.

March, 2017

No 33

Revenue of Juan Valdez® Café Grows 19% in 2016

• It reached US$ 85.9 million. Procafecol’s costs of sales levels decreased from 39.7% in 2015 to 37.8% in 2016. Sales expenses as a proportion of revenue decreased from 33.4% in 2015 to 32% in 2016.
• A total of 367 Juan Valdez® Cafés are now operating in 16 countries.

December, 2016

No 33

Café de Colombia, an increasingly global brand

Thanks to the FNC’s commercial work, Café de Colombia is present in the mind and taste of more and more consumers in different corners of the globe.

October, 2016

Nro 32

Eduardo Armero: New National Cup Taster Champion

He will represent Colombia in the World Cup Tasters Championship

With six correct answers in 3 minutes, 47 seconds and 81 hundredths, Daniel E. Morales won 2nd place. Third place went to Walter O. Acevedo, with six correct answers in 4 minutes, 32 seconds and 43 hundredths.

August, 2016

No 31

123 New Exporters Thanks to the Modality to Export Small Quantities of Coffee

The modality to export small quantities of coffee is representing a real and effective alternative for producers, associations, companies and/or roasters to send coffee abroad and open new markets.

May, 2016

No 30

Quality and Differentiation are Two Key Factors in the Specialty Coffee Industry

Sustainability and fair trade remain important, but when choosing a specialty coffee, undoubtedly its unique quality attributes, closely linked to origin, weigh more.

March, 2016

No 29

Le Nez du Café® Helps the FNC Train its Coffee Cuppers

This useful tool, very popular among cuppers and apprentice cuppers, was born in Colombia, in a joint work by the French expert Jean Lenoir and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). Starting from attributes of Colombian coffee, its use now extends to all coffee origins.

December, 2015

No 28

New Generations of Baristas Experiment with Coffee Processing

Like Mauricio Romero, the 10th Colombian Barista Champion, they do not only bet on innovative brewing, but involve producers in experimenting with bean processing.

September, 2015

No 27

Coffee-Growing Women from Different Countries will Gather in Colombia

The country will host the IV Convention of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), within the framework of ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2015, thanks largely to the important achievements of Colombian coffee growing in the field of gender equality.

August, 2015

No 26

Michael Sheridan highlights the FNC’s strategic social capital

The specialist at the NGO Catholic Relief Services (CRS) recognizes that betting on quality and differentiation is a great contribution, and that the purchase guarantee is the envy of producers in other countries for the stability and transparency in coffee pricing.

June, 2015

Huila microlot producers received approximately US$650 per load of coffee

Bogotá, June 11 2015 (FNC Press Office) - For Colombian coffee growers, betting on the production of the highest-quality coffees continues to bear fruits.

May, 2015

No 25

Tim Hortons Launches Special Edition with Café del Cauca

With this promotional campaign with Café del Cauca (a Protected Denomination of Origin), the important chain Tim Hortons joins other major industry players in North America, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, that make Café de Colombia a key piece of their unique and differentiated offer to their customers.

May, 2015

No 24

Chinese Visitors Get Closer to the Origin of Café de Colombia

Three traders and roasters from Hong Kong and Taiwan visited the FNC headquarters, Cenicafé, the Juan Valdez coffee shops and the National Coffee Park, interested in the wide offer of specialty coffees; they highlighted the excellent coffee quality and sustainability policies of the Colombian coffee sector.

March, 2015

No 23

Wine Region of France Recognizes the FNC’s Work on the Coffee Cultural Landscape

“The creation of value out of a cultural landscape must benefit, above all, the local population” says Krystel Lepresle, director of the Association for the Inscription of the Climats of Burgundy, the prestigious wine region in France, on the World Heritage List.

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