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Agro-Climatic Coffee Platform Helps Producers Deal with El Niño

December, 2015

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Agro-Climatic Coffee Platform Helps Producers Deal with El Niño

Through the publication of monthly agro-meteorological bulletins, the Agro-climatic Coffee Platform has helped producers follow closely the main effects of El Niño and take into account some recommendations.

The Agro-Climatic Coffee Platform, developed by the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), has been of great help to monitor the current El Niño meteor and share with producers, through the Agro-meteorological Coffee Bulletin, recommendations to face it.

December’s Bulletin (Number 4) explains how the strong El Niño event will impact the country’s territory, including the coffee regions, with rainfall deficits mostly in the Caribbean, Andean and North-Pacific regions.

In the current situation of El Niño, the agro-meteorological bulletins are an added value to the information normally provided by the Agro-Climatic Platform, a basic support tool for farmers, extensionists and researchers to make decisions on management of coffee crops based on each region’s meteorological and geographical conditions.

The Platform enables to know, in almost real time, climatic variables monitored by automatic stations distributed in Colombia’s coffee region, in addition to providing historical and statistical information gathered by the conventional network of stations.

We invite the audience of Colombian Coffee Insider to closely follow these monthly bulletins.

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