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Fermaestro™, a Tool that Helps Farmers & Preserves Coffee Quality

February, 2015

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Fermaestro™, a Tool that Helps Farmers & Preserves Coffee Quality

In 2014, when its commercialization began, more than 1,400 units of this tool were sold.

With the purpose of making coffee growers’ work increasingly easy and precise, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), through the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), developed a very simple device, with which farmers can objectively and reliably determine the exact moment to wash coffee in fermentation.

Fermaestro™, as the new tool is called (patented since 2013 by Cenicafé), has the form of a straight truncated cone with lid, manufactured in plastic, closed by all sides, with perforations of less than 6 mm; this enables evacuation of the mucilage in degradation and retention of beans inside.


Fermaestro is very useful for coffee farmers, as this device becomes a key control tool, not only for fermentation, but for the processes of selection, pulping, classification and application of Good Agricultural Practices.

Thus the “Washing Point (Moment)” is not determined depending on time, which is variable because of factors that affect the fermentation process such as cherry maturity, environmental conditions, tank type, coffee amount, variety and ways of processing.

Growers who have used this tool broke myths about factors that, according to them, affected fermentation time, such as amount of coffee in the tank.

Fermaestro joins a list of tools that Cenicafé develops for the benefit of Colombian coffee-growing families.

Step by Step on How Fermaestro Works


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