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FNC CEO Strengthens Ties with Colombian Coffee Clients in Japan

September, 2015


FNC CEO Strengthens Ties with Colombian Coffee Clients in Japan

The meeting will contribute to development of added-value alternatives in markets that reward quality, are dynamic and innovative such as Japan, improving profitability of Colombian coffee growers.

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) CEO, Roberto Vélez, held last week meetings with major clients in the coffee market of Japan, the second destination of exports of Colombian coffee, with more than 1.1 million 60-kilo bags in 2014.

The Japanese coffee market remains one of the largest in the world, with imports of between 6.5 and 7.6 million bags in recent years.

The FNC CEO held meetings with trading houses, ready-to-drink coffee companies and major roasters, in addition to leading associations of the coffee industry such as All Japan Coffee Association and Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.

During his visit he shared with Japanese executives his vision on the unit of the FNC and the need to continue making progress in development of added-valued alternatives for Colombian coffee that may lead to greater well-being of producers, since the Japanese market rewards quality, in addition to being dynamic and innovative.

It is worth noting that Colombian coffee registers the highest unit prices in Japan among leading suppliers: to June 2015, the average price per imported kilogram was 521 yen, while for Brazil and Vietnam the prices were 453 and 241 yen per kilogram, respectively.

This is in line with the FNC policy to promote sales of added-value coffees and specialty coffees, which transfer greater benefits to producers and make them less vulnerable to fluctuations in international prices.

In addition, the CEO met with his counterpart in the presidency of the Japan-Colombia Joint Economic Committee (also the Mitsubishi Corporation Board of Directors chairman), Yorihiko Kojima, to review the business agenda between both countries and the progress of the Colombia- Japan FTA.


The election of the new FNC CEO was enthusiastically received in Japan, given his experience in the Asian market and close long-lasting relationships with major players of the coffee market in this country. On two occasions he was representative of the FNC in Tokyo: from 1989 to 1993 as deputy director, and from 1999 to 2002 as director.

Since his election as top leader of the Colombian coffee growers, Vélez has been strengthening ties with clients, partners and strategic allies of the FNC, as part of his commitment to improving competitiveness of Colombian coffee growers and ensuring their profitability by further increasing productivity, managing and reducing production costs, and adding value to their harvest.


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