FNC Trains Japanese Experts in Quality Control

February, 2015

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FNC Trains Japanese Experts in Quality Control

Bogota, February 05 2015 (FNC Press) – Sixteen representatives from Japanese companies including Coca-Cola Japan Company, Mitsubishi Corporation, Art Coffee, UCC Ueshima Coffee Company, and Ogawa Coffee, among others are currently enrolled in the “The World Behind a Coffee Cup” course led by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).

Seeking to share the FNC’s 85+ years of experience, the course has trained specialists in mild coffee quality control over the past eleven years. This edition started on February 2nd which started in Bogotá and will conclude on February 13th .

Quality of Café de Colombia

According to Armando Cortés, Director of the Office of Coffee Quality, “Participants want to get to know the origin and producers of the highly coveted Café de Colombia. They want to experience this because it strengthens their marketing strategies.”

As part of the course, participants will attend lectures led by experts on coffee’s production process, international qualification and classification standards for mild Colombian coffees, and the methodologies, procedures, techniques and technologies used by the FNC for exporting coffee.


Additionally, in order for participants to witness the process that Colombian coffee undergoes (production, quality control, tasting and roasting), they will visit the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), the Buencafé Freeze Dried Colombian Coffee factory, the storage facilities (Almacafé), and coffee growing farms.

“Visiting Colombia and meeting coffee producers creates a connection and a bond based on friendship. Building trust with a Japanese customer opens the doors to Colombian coffee,” notes Cortés.

According to Yuri Ebitani, representative of UCC Ueshima Coffee Company, “When I return to Japan I will have more tools to speak with my clients about Colombian coffee and its attributes. This will improve and expand my business and enable me to better train my employees.”

About Café de Colombia in Japan

In 1962, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) opened its office in Japan to strengthen its relationships and business in Asia when total imports of coffee in Japan were merely 256 thousand bags (60 Kg).

Today Japan is not only third largest importer in the world with around 7 million bags of coffee per year after U.S and Germany, but also a very dynamic coffee market which offers a wide range of coffee products for its consumers.

Furthermore, Japan has become the world’s second largest market for Colombian coffee, after the United States and the main market for specialty coffee produced in Colombia, as well as the federation’s most important market in terms of value. Colombia Coffee exports to Japan have been on average 1.2 million 70 kilos bags in the last years.

The rise in consumption of canned-coffee and ready-to-eat products increased Japan’s demand for coffee in the 1990s. By selling sophisticated products with high value added, Japan went from being a mere buyer of green coffee to becoming a strategic partner for Café de Colombia.


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