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Life stories of ‘Heroes of Coffee Farming’

August, 2016

Sustainability that Matters

Life stories of ‘Heroes of Coffee Farming’

These awards extend to each and every coffee farmer and other key chain actors that have contributed to ennoble coffee farming not only of Cauca, but of Colombia.

As part of the celebration of the 89 years of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC, June 27), the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Cauca extolled the work of outstanding producers, guild leaders, extensionists, employees, companies, associations, organizations and local authorities that have contributed to ennoble coffee farming in that department.

In a moving ceremony, exemplary life stories of some of these “Heroes of coffee farming” were presented, showing the strength of the social fabric at the base of Cauca’s coffee farming.


High-quality videos reproduced the testimonials of some leading actors from different places, ethnic groups and social conditions in the department.

“Coffee has been like the heart of the family,” says Rosalba Hoyos, producer of the municipality of Algeria, who has raised her family through coffee and whose life story is exalted in one of the videos. “One has to be grateful, because the future is here in the countryside,” says Diana Cunda, a young student benefited by the “School & Coffee” model, whose life story was also exalted.

These awards are part of the initiative “Coffee farming, an opportunity in the social pact for Cauca”, funded by the General System of Royalties (SGR) of the Nation, along with the Cauca government, 30 municipal administrations and the FNC itself, in a species of “minga” (joint work) that today is a national model for its results.


Given that these exemplary stories are somehow reproduced in each and every coffee department of the country, the recognition is also extended to all Colombian producers and key chain actors that have contributed to ennoble Colombian coffee farming worldwide.

The FNC is proud to share them and make them known.

Other life stories:

Jesús Cometa
Production infrastructure. Municipality of Totoró

Leonardo Díaz
Sustainable production. Municipality of Suárez

Tatiana Dorado
Member of the Solidary Network of Coffee-Growing Women of Cauca


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