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US Consumers Confirm Importance of Colombian Coffee Origin

May, 2016

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US Consumers Confirm Importance of Colombian Coffee Origin

In an increasingly sophisticated market, single-origin coffee is more recognized than certifications when buying coffee in the United States, according to a recent report by the NCA, and Colombian coffee is still the most recognized and valued by Americans.

Evolution of coffee as a product in the last 30 years has been evident: from a simple commodity to a product of indulgence or luxury that has become part of consumers’ everyday life, which implies a greater involvement in the purchase process.

This change has transformed the attributes that are important when choosing a coffee brand: in addition to quality, consumers are looking for products aligned with their values.

The latest trends report by the US National Coffee Association (NCA) revealed that consumers recognize and buy single-origin coffee more than any certification in the market: while 32% say they know and buy brands of single-origin coffee, the closer certification to this percentage was organic, with 26% of consumers.

Origin is not only preferred by consumers against certifications. According to the same study, origin is the second information in the package that most influences the purchase decision after roasting level, according to 61% of consumers. This same question of the study revealed that the statements about sustainable farming and fair trade practices also have an important effect, as about 50% of consumers said that it is a factor taken into account.

Effect of Communication on Purchase Interests


Source: NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends 2016

In this sense, Café de Colombia’s partnering customers and roasters have significant competitive advantages, not only for the possibility of ensuring single origin of coffee, but for its sound responsibility and sustainability commitments.

The Advantages of Origin

The most recognized coffee origin in the United States remains Colombia: 81% of people associate the country with coffee production and among these, 96% associate it with good quality according to the NCA trend report 2016.

In 2015 Colombian coffee brands accounted for 9.32% of total volume in the US market, according to reports of points of sales by Information Resources, Inc., showing the importance of this reference for coffee brands.

In addition, by analyzing behavior of 100% Colombian coffee brands with highest sales in the United States, these brands showed greater stability in the period.

The following graphs show average sales variation of a brand reference with highest sales against its 100% Café de Colombia reference. The exercise was repeated for three brands with highest sales and the average sales variation of the 100% Colombian coffee reference was always better.


The range of variables to identify and measure a market trend is very broad, but it is gratifying to confirm that Café de Colombia, thanks to the FNC’s quality, differentiation and added-value strategies, is always tuned with the most relevant trends, for the benefit not only of partnering brands, but of Colombian coffee growers themselves.




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