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Almacafé S.A receives the ISO 9001:2008 certification

Almacafe S.A is proud to inform that the Bureau Veritas firm has delivered the certificates that acknowledge Almacafe´s completion of the norm NTC-ISO9001:2008 for the following processes

“The provision of coffee quality assessment concerning the definition of physical and sensorial characteristics of parchment coffee in order to classify and qualify  it according to the previous requirements stated by the customer/market of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, and the execution of the final quality control to every Colombian coffee export; the provision of a combined logistics service which includes merchandise qualification and classification, merchandise storage and distribution, and customs brokerage; maquila service provision for packaging, labeling, sorting, and assembling customer promotions; the provision of coffee milling services and the best use of raw materials in the production of excelso coffee and byproducts according to the customer´s requirements; this process does not include the industrial hulling procedure; providing coffee roasting services and processing green coffee into semi-roasted, roasted and ground coffee for exports and domestic consumption under the customer´s requirements in terms of quality and packaging; the development of semi-roasted, roasted and ground coffee products.” 

This recognition is the result of the effort and commitment of Almacafé S.A´s contributors with the Integrated Management System. Since certification under this standard is a distinguishing feature compared to other logistic operators in the country, it increases our competitiveness and provides confidence to our customers.


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