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Coffee Growers from Cauca Sell their Coffee at US$ 515 per Load

Through the 90 points quality program (Programa de calidad 90 puntos), the Colombian specialty coffee export company Banexport and the North American import company Café Imports paid up to US$ 515 per load of coffee to 15 coffee growers from the department of Cauca.

This achievement was the result of an alliance between the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Cauca and Banexport which promotes coffee growers who produce high quality coffee. According to Carlos J. Ruíz, Banexport´s Manager, “we independently promote exceptional coffees that are around, or above, 90 points. Selling these quality coffees guarantees that coffee producers get paid higher prices for their coffee.”

Andrew Miller, President of Café Imports, highlighted the importance of providing high quality coffee to roaster companies while ensuring that coffee growers have favorable incomes. “If coffee growers are doing things right under current coffee prices, earning US$ 515 per load will stimulate them to keep producing high quality coffee.” 

Out of the 1,250 micro-lot samples that the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation´s (FNC) Extension Service delivered to Banexport, the 15 coffee growers who obtained the highest scores were able to sell their coffee at US$ 515 per load. The Departmental Coffee Growers Committee will continue to encourage initiatives that increase the income of coffee growers. 


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