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Connectivity reaches the departments of Cesar and la Guajira

Coffee leaders from the eight Municipal Coffee Grower Committees of the departments of Cesar and la Guajira were very excited to receive training sessions regarding the use and management of the Coffee Information Tablets (CIT).

According to the committees’ representatives, the CITs allow coffee growers to communicate, obtain technical information, and be permanently connected to the entire world.

The training program was led by the FNC´s extensionists in three sessions which lasted a total of 20 hours. Besides supporting coffee growers by providing them confidence in the use of this technological tool, extensionists explained the importance of the CITs for farm management and for the interaction between producers and the virtual world.

Participants were especially interested in being able to interact through social networks, use emailing, access technical information, take pictures, have virtual agendas, and use applications such as compasses, weather forecasts, maps, cameras, video cameras, calculators, scanners, translators, and flashlights.


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