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La Paz´s Municipal Coffee Growers Office opened its doors to coffee growers

Wilson Rincón, mayor of the municipality of La Paz, and Agustín Giraldo, Executive Director of the Departmental Coffee Grower Committees of Cesar and La Guajira, made the official opening of La Paz´s Municipal Coffee Growers Office.

A total of 1,040 coffee growers from La Paz, the third leading coffee producing municipality in the department of Cesar, will benefit from the new office by receiving specialized attention near their homes. According to Mr. Giraldo, “Coffee growers will be able to access the advising sessions, projects, and programs developed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). From now on coffee growers won’t have to travel all the way to Valledupar to reach the FNC´s facilities; the new office will allow growers to save time and money.”

Ramith Martinez, Coordinator of the “Seccional Norte,” highlighted that the municipality has strengthened its coffee crop renovation programs, which aim to renovate 600 hectares with resistant varieties to coffee leaf rust. Similarly, the municipality of La Paz is developing a program which aims to solve the needs of 170 coffee growing farms regarding the drying process.   

 "The municipal administration of La Paz´s ideas and encouragement are helping us reach the department´s rural areas, and by doing so, fulfilling the dream of many coffee growers,” concluded Mr. Giraldo. 


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