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Sales of USD 1.6 Million and Additional Expectations of USD 10.8 Million
  • Specialty coffees, and particularly micro lots, aroused great interest among buyers.

Medellín, October 4, 2014 (FNC Press Office)– During the first Business Matchmaking Forum between coffee growers and potential clients, which took place in ExpoEspeciales 2014, in Medellín, Colombia, specialty coffee sales of 1.6 million were materialized and additional business expectations of USD 10.8 million were achieved.

This effort is part of a partnership between Proexport (the Colombian government’s promotion agency) and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) to train and facilitate access of producers interested in direct sales of their coffee to new markets. This process has included 54 seminars and training workshops for coffee farmers, which have taken place in 10 producing regions throughout this year. At the end of 2014, a total of 7,000 farmers are expected to have been trained on international trade issues thanks to this partnership.

“We found that many producers registered as exporters, but did not materialize businesses in a sustained way. For that reason, with the support of Proexport, we are seeking to train and create business opportunities, as regulations are not the obstacle to export, but the capacity to have an effective presence in the international market,” Luis G. Muñoz, the FNC CEO, said.

So, with the purpose of facilitating access of coffee producers and farmer associations to international markets and showcasing production of the highest-quality coffees, the FNC and Proexport joined efforts to carry out this important business matchmaking forum within the framework of ExpoEspeciales 2014, the most important coffee fair in Latin America.

In the matchmaking forum, held on last October 2nd and 3rd in Medellín as part of ExpoEspeciales, 69 Colombian exporters from different regions of the country and 39 international buyers from 15 countries were present.

Buyers interested in the richest mild specialty coffee in the world came from traditional and important markets for Colombian coffee, such as North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Germany, Spain or Belgium, among others) or Japan, as well as emerging markets of growing consumption, such as China and South Korea, and new markets such as Lithuania.

A total of 528 face-to-face meetings took place in the matchmaking forum. It is worth noting that specialty coffees, and particularly micro lots, aroused great interest among international buyers. Each of them dealt on average with 15 face-to-face meetings.

Another aspect to highlight for this business matchmaking forum is that, besides projection of consolidated producing regions such as Huila and Cauca, a boost for such regions as Cundinamarca, Casanare and Caquetá was sought.

This business matchmaking forum was a unique opportunity to make new contacts, allowing exporters to promote their products and know new business opportunities, market needs, trends and interests of potential clients.

About ExpoEspeciales

ExpoEspeciales is organized by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) as part of its value-added strategy for promoting and giving visibility to production of the highest-quality coffees coming from different regions of Colombia, a country recognized as the largest producer of washed mild Arabica coffee in the world. It is also an attractive scenario for consumers, buyers and professionals of the coffee industry, who come from different continents.

For this seventh edition, ExpoEspeciales is held with the support of the “Antioquia: Origin of Specialty Coffees” Program, an agreement between the departmental government, the FNC and coffee growers cooperatives of Antioquia, Occidente and Salgar.

ExpoEspeciales is held every year in different cities of Colombia. It integrates the entire coffee value chain and brings together producers, traders, buyers, visitors and coffee lovers in one common space.

Aside from being an important showcase for coffees from different Colombian regions, the event is a propitious scenario for displaying the coffee industry’s trends and innovations in the domestic and international arena. ExpoEspeciales offers spaces that favor commercial, cultural and academic exchange, as well as exchange of experiences and knowledge among participants.

The fair has become the most important rendezvous in the continent to make commercial contacts and businesses, aiming at strengthening the industry and giving more dynamism to the coffee business.


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