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The IV National Meeting on Productive Educational Projects will be held in Alcala

Santiago de Cali, June 13, 2012.– In order to evaluate the outcome of the Rural Schooling Program- SAT (Tutorial Learning System), the National Corporation for Rural Education (Coreducar), its domestic entities, and the Foundation for Cooperative Education (FECOOP) will develop the IV National Meeting on Productive Educational Projects.  

Besides allowing students and teachers to contribute to the improvement of the rural education service by sharing their experiences, the national meeting, which will take place in the municipality of Alcalá from June 14th to 16th, will help youngsters understand productive processes as successful teaching strategies regarding rural education. The main subjects to be discussed will be Rural Women, Intercultural and Farmer Identity, Quality and Pertinent Education, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The SAT is a flexible educational model validated and disseminated throughout Colombia mainly because of the relevance of the proposed curriculum, which aims to turn youngsters into true rural development actors, and because of its administrative structure, which increases educational coverage by allowing the program to reach remote communities.   

The Tutorial Learning System has been implemented in numerous rural communities thanks to different institutions in each of the departments. For instance, in Valle del Cauca, FECOOP contributed to the project´s development and implementation by studying and reviewing content and methodologies.


In 2011 the SAT benefited 814students in 17 municipalities with an accompaniment of 5 counselors and 34 tutors. Similarly, 59 interns were certified in rural welfare, 70 high school technicians in rural and communitarian welfare, and 44 students as drivers of rural welfare.


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