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World Barista Champion Highlights Quality of Colombian Coffee

Tokyo (Japan), September 26, 2014 (FNC Press) - Hidenori Izaki from Japan, winner of the 2014 World Barista Championship, highlighted the quality of Colombian coffee and the work undertaken by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and its specialty coffee program.

Mr. Izaki expressed his point of view while visiting Café de Colombia’s stand during the 2014 World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition (Scaj). Scaj, which is considered Asia’s largest coffee exhibition, took place between September 24th and 26th in Tokyo.

In 2013, when the FNC and the Colombian Coffee Hub project organized a trip to Colombia’s coffee growing regions, Mr. Izaki was able to experience the different origins of Colombian coffee. At the time, Mr. Izaki had won 1st place in the Japan Barista Championship. 

"Thanks to the FNC, I had the possibility of visiting Colombia and witnessing the institution’s outstanding efforts to promote the production and commercialization of Colombian specialty coffees to benefit coffee growers,” stated Mr. Izaki.

By familiarizing opinion leaders such as recognized baristas with the origin of Colombian coffees, the FNC is contributing to Café de Colombia’s strategy of closing the gap between coffee origin, the industry and consumers.

Isaki at ExpoEspeciales 2014

Mr. Isaki will attend the upcoming International Specialty Coffee fair ExpoEspeciales 2014, during which he will present a lecture entitled “How to Prepare a Barista Champion.” 

ExpoEspeciales, known for being Latin America’s leading specialty coffee fair, will take place between October 2nd and 5th 2014 in the Green Pavilion of Medellin’s International Convention Center Plaza Mayor.

As part of its value added strategy, the FNC annually organizes ExpoEspeciales to promote and give visibility to the production of high quality coffees from different Colombian coffee growing regions. 

The event is an attractive scenario for both Latin American consumers and professionals, as well as for Asian, North American and European buyers. ExpoEspeciales integrates the coffee value chain and brings together producers, traders, visitors and coffee lovers in one common space.

This year, ExpoEspeciales will be held simultaneously with the gastronomic fair Maridaje 2014. 

Gastronomic Combinations for Coffees from Quindío, Cauca and Nariño

 The Belgian company FoodPairing developed a sophisticated tool that allows baristas, chefs and sommeliers to inspire their preparations and to provide the best suggestions for combining different ingredients based on their flavors.

During the Tokyo Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition, the FNC presented applications for the Japanese market regarding gastronomic combinations between coffees from Quindío, Cauca and Nariño with food identified by FoodPairing as being suitable for each coffee.

 Additionally, FoodPairing offers guides for six regional Colombian coffees that were made available in Japanese for the gastronomic industry and for the Japanese coffee world. This will help optimize the experience of consumers and broaden the range of possibilities for enjoying Colombian coffees.


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