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Specialty Coffee FAQ´s

How do specialty coffees differ from traditional coffee?

Traditional Colombian coffee is recognized around the world as a high quality product with an aroma and taste that makes it one of the most desired by clients. However, not all Colombian coffee tastes the same, as there are many variables that can produce specific variances; such as the natural ambiance, the soil and the way it is produced that permit that it is considered special within the international market. Coffee is considered special when it is perceived and valued by consumers for a unique characteristic that differentiates it from other conventional coffees, and for which they are willing to pay a premium for.

Are all specialty coffees the same?

Not all specialty coffees are the same. The programs of specialty coffees have unique characteristics.

The group of Colombian specialty coffees is divided by three overarching categories:

Sustainable Coffee

Technified Coffee

Coffee of Origin

What are the characteristics of these three overarching categories of Colombian specialty coffee?

Sustainable Coffees are cultivated principally by communities that have a serious commitment to protecting the environment through clean production and conservation of the biodiversity of their regions.

Technified Coffees have a unique appearance because of their size and shape; this makes them desirable in international markets.

The Coffee of Origin is characterized because it derives from specific regions or estates with unique qualities.

Can the three overarching categories be divided into subgroups?

Coffee of Origin can be divided into three different sub-groups:




Sustainable Coffee can be divided into the following subgroups

Environmentally Friendly

Social Content

Organic Coffee

Technified Coffee can be divided into the following subgroups:

Caracol (Shell-shaped)



What certifications and codes of conduct does the FNC use in the coffee it commercializes?

Certifications: UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, FLO

Codes of Conduct: 4C, Nespresso AAA, Conservation International

Are Colombian specialty coffees certified?

The coffee that we commercialize under a specific certification falls under the sustainable coffee category.

The certifications that we utilize within the sustainable coffee category generate serious commitments to the environment, thus propagating sustainability within coffee estates in order to achieve social benefits for workers and their families, as well as improving the administration of the estate by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers in crops and ensuring that they receive the fair value for the commercialized coffee.

What factors determine the characteristics of organic coffee?

The practices developed throughout the cultivation determine the characteristics of the organic coffee.


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