Categories of Specialty Coffees

At the FNC we provide coffee products that include the characteristics of one or more of the following categories:

 Origin Coffees: These derive from a specific region or farm, and possess unique qualities due to the fact that they are grown in unique locations. They are usually sold to final consumers without being mixed with other qualities or with coffees of other origins. Clients prefer these coffees for their unique taste and aroma. There are 3 subcategories:


 Preparation Coffees: These are coffees that have a unique appearance for their size and form, which makes them desirable by international clients. They are sought after by certain clients that are interested in offering a consistent and homogeneous product. The following types make up a part of this category of coffees:


Sustainable Coffees: These coffees are cultivated by communities that have a serious commitment to protecting the environment through clean production methods and by conserving the biodiversity of their region. They also promote the social development of the coffee families that produce them. Clients prefer them because they protect the environment and promote a fair price for coffee growing communities.


 Some categories, such as organic coffees, require the coffee to be cultivated without the use of chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Other categories emphasize social aspects or a combination of social and environmental themes. The FNC also commercializes relationship coffees, in which programs are developed for the public well-being of certain communities and are supported by the consumer through client-community alliances (see Sustainability That Matters). The following are some coffees that are classified under this category:

Many of these require a Specialty Coffee certification program.

If you are interested in our offering of specialty coffees you can visit one of our Juan Valdez cafés. If you are a member of the industry and want to know more about the details of our offering of products and services associated with Colombian specialty coffees, click here.