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Information for Our Clients

Through this site our clients can access the Beantrack® tracking system, the online services, and the portfolio of specialty coffees. We have also included a web link to the Colombian CoffeeNet, so that our clients can encounter information regarding the 100% Colombian Coffee® program.

Traceability and Beantrack: Almacafé (our logistics operator) created the Beantrack® service, so that our clients could closely follow every detail online in regards to the origin of the coffee that they have purchased.  This value proposition is applicable to Colombian specialty coffee.

Coffee Exporters and Clients Online Services: Through this website, coffee exporters and clients can track the coffee that has been shipped to them, information regarding the shipping vessels, the date of shipment and of arrival as well as other specifics are provided through this system.

Portfolio of Specialty Coffees: Solely built with you in mind, we have decided to broaden and specify our portfolio of products. We have provided you with the possibility of knowing the specific characteristics of our coffee while utilizing the following classification: programs, categories, and location of coffee.

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