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The Experience of 100% Colombian Coffee®

Discover our coffee culture and enjoy the unforgettable experience of 100% Colombian Coffee. In the Federation we believe that it is impossible to appreciate all the value of Colombian coffee without getting to know the Colombian coffee growers and the sense of our organization. It is for this reason that we have prepared trips with clients from countries interested in becoming acquainted with our value proposition, including those functions and paths that compose our value chain; Departmental Committees of Coffee Growers, Coffee Inspections, Buencafé FactoryCenicafé, Almacafé, as well as the sustainable processes and practices realized at the coffee estates in the different coffee growing regions of Colombia.

Additionally, the clients who have visited us have been able to enjoy the majestic panoramas of the Colombian coffee growing regions and have shared in the experiences of the coffee growers, the advances reached in the commercialization of coffee and the benefits received for the execution of our projections of Sustainability That Matters.


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