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Message from our Commercial Manager

The success of the FNC (Federación Nacional de Cafeteros) has constantly being constructed by the hand of our clients and consumers. It is the renowned quality of our coffee that has allowed us to satisfy their highest demands and needs.

We are committed with the efficient development of every single one of our processes. Making the most out of our institutional resources and supported in our logistical structure, we were able to transform ideas in tangible results that have allowed positioning our green coffee in the commodities competitive world. This daily commitment with efficiency has allowed us to construct and broaden loyalty and trustworthiness relationships with our clients.  We are aware that long term relationships are the best, and that is why we represent the coffee growers the best we can, and that we offer to our clients the best service and products for their investment.

One of our main priorities as an organization is to constantly generate benefits for Colombian coffee growers. The FNC has always placed the coffee grower as the center of every coffee commercial activity. Over the years, we have built with them strong relationships. We have more than 541 points of purchase for their coffee, more than 36 cooperatives along the coffee regions in Colombia, 15 Departmental Commitees (States), and a special Extention Service with more than 1500 persons to support coffee growers through different social, economical and technical programs.

We offer an innovative portfolio that adapts to the needs of our clients and consumers  due to  development initiatives of products and services Our product portfolio includes green coffee, freeze dried coffee and decaffeinated coffee. Our service portfolio includes a special coffee traceability system, flexibility to distribute and deliver promptly to the company’s warehouse or to the place our clients find convenient, coffee quality courses that will allow our clients to become familiar with the mild coffees we offer. We appreciate very much your interest in the Colombian coffee and your support to our coffee growers through the FNC.

CEO Commercial Manager


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