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Coffee Growers First

 Coffee Growers First, Quality, and Sustainability

 1. The Coffee Growers:

  • We are an organization of coffee growers. More than 563 thousand families dedicated to growing coffee are represented by the Federation.
  • Thanks to the coverage of more than 36 Coffee Cooperatives and more than 541 Points of Purchase we are able to purchase coffee in cash in any part of the country at transparent and public prices.
  • All of our profits are reinvested in:

2. Quality is a factor that differentiates Colombian coffee as well as the products and services that the FNC offers its clients. This concept constitutes part of all of our products, processes and services. Quality is part of:

  • The different types of cups of coffee that we offer to our clients and consumers.
  • Our logistical processes.
  • The trainning of our human talent.
  • The service that we provide to our clients.

3. Our commitment to sustainability includes amongst other parameters:

  • Sustainability within the Coffee business in order to generate cohesion.
  • Economic sustainability within the coffee farms so that the coffee growers can have better prices and offer products with value added characteristics.
  • Sustainability within the coffee regions in order to protect the environment.
  • Sustainability within social policies in order to assure that coffee continues as an strategic social capital of our country.


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