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A fundamental part of our business philosophy is the construction of alliances between coffee growers and consumers. It is for this reason that within our available services for coffee growers and consumers we offer assistance in constructing mid to long term relationships that reinforce and complement each other. This involves alliances for the development of programs for the benefit of coffee growers and consumers, and market alliances that better communicate to the consumer our values and vision of quality.

Programs for the Benefit of the Coffee Grower and the Consumer

The FNC in alliance with its clients has developed various social programs that benefit Colombian coffee growers. The recognized trajectory of the programs of Sustainability That Matters of the FNC has permitted our Federation to consolidate itself as one of the most dynamic, serious, and important rural NGOs in the rural world. For this we count on the financial support of foundations, support entities and other allies for the development of our high impact social, environmental, and economic programs that benefit the Colombian coffee growers.

Within our list of clients and Colombian coffee growing allies are found different companies and brands linked to the coffee industry that see the FNC not only as an ideal supplier but also as an ideal partner in high impact environmental, economic, and social sustainability programs. These are some of the programs that have are currently being developed:

  • Education
  • Environmentally friendly and productive Infrastructure
  • Nutritional Security
  • Sustainable Coffee Cultures
  • Environmental protection and conservation

Thanks to the relationships that we have built with our clients and other suppliers, we have managed to support and develop social alliances that benefit our Colombian coffee growers. You are principal ally and we value your collaboration. We extend our invitation so that you may get to know and participate in our alliances.

If you desire further information about how to become a partner in our social programs that benefit the Colombian coffee growers, please do not hesitate in contacting us. If you wish to become a partner in one of these programs, or create a new program, please contact us.

100% Colombian Coffee® Programs

Another type of alliance, which has to do more with publicity, promotion, and marketing within the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) and roasters or coffee merchants, that add value to the labor of each of the Colombian coffee growers. It is through the creation of new products that our faithful and valuable clients promote around the world our coffee, of Colombian origin and brands associated with 100% Colombian Coffee®.

For further information about our brand licensing programs regarding the 100% Colombian Coffee® brand, or to obtain information on how to become an authorized user of the Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication of 100% Colombian Coffee®, please contact us.


Protected Geographical Indication of 100% Colombian Coffee®, please contact us.


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