caldasCoffee grower: José Alejandro Martínez Arcila

Department: Caldas

Municipility: Anserma, Maraprá

Coffee area: 2,72 hectareas

Program: FLO
Since the year of 2004

 "I have sold coffee with a premium thanks to efforts of my family and the FLO certification. In addition to the economic benefits obtained at the moment of sale, I have obtained social benefits that have improved the quality of life of my family, my community and of me. They have also benefitted, as we have improved the access to education and have received additional resources that have been applied to the cultivation of coffee in order to obtain greater production levels and a better quality of life."



Name of Coffee Grower: Saul Arley Ordóñez Guevara

Department: Cauca

Municipality and Village: Sotara - corralejas

Estate Size: 2.72 Hectareas


Duration in Program: Since 2004

"To change the traditional way of doing something is difficult, because in principal one does not count with the necessary resources of realizing these changes; but I decided to commit myself, because I became aware that I was going to have better prices for my products and greater levels of production. The region where I grow coffee is very steep, but the soil is rich and good for coffee cultivation, therefore we share the difficulties and continue producing good coffee. We manually pick the coffee and the people from the region become accustomed to the conditions; we recognize the importance of the specialty coffee programs, because we have received benefits from the premiums and the resale, money which I have invested in improving the infrastructure of the drying processes and in family related expenses."



Name of Coffee Grower: Faiber Santa Rivera


Municipality and Village:Acevedo, San Isidro

Estate Size:La Esmeralda 6.5 hectares, El Cedro 6 hectares

Program: Rainforest Alliance and FLO Certification

Duration in Program:5 years

"The incursion into the specialty coffee programs of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia has generated changes that have provided redundant benefits for my community as much as for my own estate. To have a better radius of action I have managed to actively bring together my family and my neighbors while counting on the support of the San Isidro Cooperative located in the rural settlement of San Isidro near the municipality of Acevedo-Huila, of which I am the director, and the committee of coffee growers, their extension service, which provides a personalized service for coffee growers of San Isidro, and Cenicafé, which supports us through studies on the biodiversity of the region."



Name of Coffee Grower: Rogelio Arias Muñoz

Department: Meta

Municipality and Village: Lejanías - Vereda La Floresta

Estate Size:3 hectares

Program: Specialty Coffee

Duration in Program: 15 years

"In order to receive access to the specialty coffee program it is necessary to affect several changes in the way you grow and harvest coffee; Our endeavors are focused towards the familiar human capital and I consider it necessary, because in order to talk of specialty coffee one must first consider ones family's uniqueness and their value and principals that assure a better quality of life and harmony with nature. In this way specialty coffee, as the name implies generates an added value that is reflected in the premium for the product.

Given all of the above reasons, I feel committed since my primary economical activity is the production of coffee; it is my vocation, and the practice that I have inherited from my family. For me it begins with its meaning of peace...And as a coffee producer I have received good benefits that have permitted me to improve my income and which represent for me an improved quality of life, as much spiritually, educationally, ethically, as well as other elements that strengthen my values."


Name of Coffee Grower: Edgar Vesga


Municipality and Village: Pinchote

Estate Size:30 Hectares

Portion of Estate dedicated to Coffee:16 Hectares

Program:Rainforest Alliance - Organic - UTZ

Duration in Program: 9 years

"Belonging to this program has permitted us to adequately implement productive changes in order to achieve the maintenance of young and productive coffee culture. In the same manner we have improved the drying process and have obtained a better quality for our coffee beans while avoiding the contamination of the neighboring springs with coffee run-offs. These changes have been very good and rather than incurring excessive costs they have offered a worthwhile investment. The increased order and cleanliness are some of the important changes to our estate. In this way we have had the opportunity to perceive economic benefits, given that the premiums that I earn are substantial and have permitted improvements of living conditions and the education of my children. The eldest is now planning on going to college and the program has permitted us to pay for health insurance, which benefits the four members of my family."


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