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Quality Control Specialist Training Course


The quality office of FNC offers to their representatives clients from trading and roasting companies an specialized training course in quality coffee. Our purpose is to familiarizing our clients with mild Colombian coffee. The FNC wants to invite you to participate in this program. You will learn methodologies, procedures, international regulations related to mild Colombian coffee classification. You will also receive important information about techniques and technologies used currently in the coffee exportation process. 

Mr. Edgar Moreno González, Ph. D., Director of the Quality Coffee office, who was previously researcher and and coordinator of the Federation’s Coffee Research Lab, is the program administrator. 

Until now, the quality coffee course has been taught only to Japanese traders and roasters, but it is open to all our clients.

Start of the course:

The course is given once a year in February.

Methodology :

The program has theoretical and practical components. 
20% of the methodology is developed with E-Learning material. This material must be prepared in advance to the practical activities. 
60% of the methodology is designed for practical activities and the other 20% covers theoretical concepts. Approximate time: 3 weeks. 


Week 1

  • Coffee and industry. Historical summary. The coffee market in consumer and producer countries. International institutions.
  • Colombian institutions, internal market commercialization: coffee growers, cooperatives, supply Caín and other exporters.
  • The coffee tree and the cultivated varieties in Colombia. Production process in the farm, wet mill, drying process. Regional Coffees and their quality characteristics.

Week 2

  • Logistics and ragulations for Colombian coffee exports.
  • Quality concept for Colombian Coffee:

               Control methods in the physical analysis of the coffee. (humidity, color, size).
               Sensory analysis methods (descriptive and quantitative).
               Different methods in cupping (SCAA, Cup of Excellence, FNC).

Week 3

  • Coffee roasting and criteria for the coffee blend handling.
  • Specialty coffees. Main programs and their characteristics.
  • General evaluation
  • Visit to shipment ports – Cartagena-.

The course includes

E-learning material
Working sessions
Analysis and discussion of real cases
Visit to coffee growers farms, coffee growers cooperatives, Almacafé, Cenicafé, shipment ports and Federation’s local and regional offices. 


All the participants will receive a Diploma that testifies that the recipient is a Specialist in Quality Control of Mild Coffee. 


Henry Martínez - Quality Coffee Office

Rodrigo Alarcón - Quality Coffee Office                                         

Armando Cortes - Quality Coffee Office

Daniel Acuña - Quality Coffee Office 

Edgar Moreno - Quality Coffee Office

Andres Valencia - Commercial Manager               

Cristina Madriñan - Buencafe Factory

Luis Fernando Samper -  Chief Communications and Marketing Officer


The deadline for registrations is December 30th, 2009. Participants can register through any of the Federation’s offices. 


The enrollment fee could be checked with the Federation’s offices. 
The price includes hotel accommodations, meals and internal flights. The cost does not include international air flight tickets, insurance while in Colombia neither personal expenses.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Rodrigo Alarcón

Flor Betancourth

Estados Unidos
Carolina Castañeda
e-mail:  Carolina.castañ

Marisol Pinzon


Jia-Hang Wu


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