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Shipment of Samples

Coffee samples are used by our clients to gain knowledge of the quality of our formerly negotiated coffee.  The samples also function as a reference of quality for our potential clients.

Before shipping coffee we require that our clients verify and approve through quality samples the coffee they have purchased, this is done through pre-shipping samples. When the deal has been closed, there exists the possibility of also sending accompanying samples with the shipped coffee.

The other two types of samples are: Reference Samples and Special Offer Samples, which are used at the moment of sale in order for customer to better get to know our coffee.

  • Pre-Shipping Samples: These are samples of either excelso or parchment coffee used in the production of excelso coffee. Coffee shipments are based according to the previous acceptance of our clients. The pre-shipping samples should be solicited by clients.
  • Accompanying Samples: These are samples of excelso coffee already produced, the shipment of coffee does not depend upon the approval of the client. The accompanying samples are solicited by clients.
  • Reference Samples: These are samples of prepared excelso coffee or parchment coffee that is not physically available to offer to clients.
  • Special Offer Samples: These are samples of excelso coffee already produced or prepared from parchment coffee that is physically available to offer to clients.

All of these coffee samples are shipped to destinations chosen by clients.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate in contacting our offices.


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