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Our Coffee

All Colombian Coffee is 100% mild washed Arabica, thus making Colombia the biggest producer of high quality coffee in the world. The reputation of our coffee is not limited to the coffee specie we grow in Colombia or to its post harvesting processes. Our coffee is also known all over the world due to the environmental conditions of Colombia, and the quality control and support systems that have been designed by the Colombian coffee  growers. They make sure Colombian Coffee always meets the quality needed for the consumers around the world. These combined elements ensure that Colombian Coffee is unique.

Colombian Coffee is also the result of the hard work of over 563,000 small coffee families owned by independent coffee growers. They have organized themselves through the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and have agreed to self-imposed quality control standards that are carefully followed. Together, Colombian coffee growers have built a collective commitment to quality. These are the reasons why Colombian Coffee, or Café de Colombia, is protected with a Denomination of Origin, a certification mark or Protected Geographical Indication in several countries. For more information on our coffee please visit


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