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Our Collective Commitment

Colombian coffee producers founded the Colombian Coffee Grower's Federation (FNC) in 1927 to represent their interest and develop policies that assured a future for their coffee industry. Driven by coffee producers, the FNC has throughout the years developed and implemented policies and quality standards based on its knowledge of the industry and on the presence in the furthest  places Colombia.

These efforts clearly would not have been possible if our coffee growers, represented by their Federation, had not agreed that the quality and the reputation of their coffee was one of their most valuable assets, that it should be defended and promoted. Developing and implementing high standards was therefore one of the most important instruments to ensure Colombian Coffee would receive a price premium, allowing our producers to enhance their own quality of life.

Our collective commitment is based on our Legitimacy, in our Values and Social Responsibility, to produce  Coffee  with Quality Diversity. Through Scientific Research and our Rural Extension Services it would  be preserved and improved in terms of quality while also helping our environment’s conservation.

Our Legitimacy

In order to be recognized as a legitimate representative of the interests of the Colombian coffee growers, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) carries out democratic processes within the rural regions of Colombia, where producers elect their representatives at the local, regional and national level. The Coffee Elections are the mechanism through which it is ensured that the Federation works and responds to the true interests and necessities of the coffee growers.

The FNC's Representative System has become an institutional mechanism that permits that decisions made on rules applicable to Colombian Coffee are legitimate and observed by all. These representatives compose the National Coffee Congress, the maximum authority of the FNC. They convene every year in order to approve the budgets, policies and priorities. The Federation´s administration delivers its annual report to the Congress.

Values and Social Responsibility

Most Colombian coffee growers are the owners of their own small coffee farms. They are family oriented, dedicated people who have faith in their community and believe that to de successful in life, hard work and perseverance are needed. They believe in honesty, in the capacity to overcome obstacles and adversity, and in the ability to reach even their most ambitious efforts by working together.

The Federation responds to these values of Colombian producers. The FNC is a non-profit organization, whose main purpose is to improve the quality of life of the Colombian coffee growers. The policies of social responsibility and the execution of social and environmental projects are the basic priorities of the FNC and its Departmental Committees. These are the FNC branches that implement our Sustainability that Matters programs.

It is also for this reason that our commercialization systems are based on the existence of a Purchase Guarantee policy for producers, which is based on the transparency of our commercial relations. In this way unscrupulous merchants are prevented from taking advantage of small coffee growers by offering them prices that are below to what the market is willing to pay.

Coffee of Quality and of Diversity

Our quality controls guarantee that Colombian Coffee is always oriented towards satisfying the most demanding consumers.

Our intimate knowledge of the Colombian Coffee growers and of our different coffee regions enables us to find the adequate coffee profile for every market and consumer segment. The FNC's commercial operation is directed towards selling a unique product of the highest quality, while seekinga higher value for our growers. Our commercial philosophy seeks long term alliances with producers and their communities with clients across the globe.

Scientific Research

The Federation created the National Coffee Research Center, Cenicafé, in 1938. This center, located in our central coffee region, employs dozens of scientists specialized in the different aspects related to the production and post harvesting of profitable, high quality coffee.

Cenicafé is an FNC unit that develops experimental projects across diverse disciplines, including the development of new coffee plant varieties; the study of the coffee genome; research on various plagues and disease that affect coffee trees; the design of tools and devices that optimize costs of growing and harvesting coffee; and the optimization of the quality of our coffee.

Rural Extension Service

The Departmental Committees of coffee growers assist coffee producers through the Extension Services rendered directly at the producers' farms or through a variety of means. The Federation's Extension Service consists of well over 1,500 men and women dressed in yellow shirts that assist the coffee growers through personalized visits or through group activities, conveying the technology and recommended practices developed by Cenicafé. Their mission is to help growers achieve profitable, sustainable, and competitive coffee farms.

The members of the Federation's extension service are enablers of rural community development par excellence. They lead through example, promote and stimulate active participation in social, educative, and productive programs. The Coffee committees  also implements  infrastructure projects that contribute to the well-being of the coffee grower and their communities.

Preservation of our Environment

Colombian coffee producers are conscious of the need to make compatible the success of our industry with the preservation of our environment. In Cenicafé, we research on topics that range from and impact of coffee growing in terms of its carbon and water footprint, to the development of new varieties and processes that make coffee business sustainable.

The FNC through its Departmental Committees of Coffee Growers also carries out programs directed towards conserving the environment and optimizing the interaction between the coffee industry and the sustainability of the environment. This is done through our Sustainability That Matters programs. These programs include projects to protect watersheds, to conserve native forests, and protect the species that live within the coffee ecosystem.

In addition, the FNC has also developed alliances with domestic and international stakeholders interested in environmental matters. The FNC has been recognized as a leading actor in these matters. Environmental preservation is a key factor to provide a better quality of life to the communities in our coffee regions.  If you wish to know more of the details regarding our projects in this area, please click here.


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