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Our Attitudes

Our reason for existence is to ensure the well being of every coffee grower and its family. We are fully engaged with the sustainable development of the Colombian coffee industry and its coffee growers. We are convinced that dedication, responsibility, leadership and honesty are the fundamental pillars that inspire us to be an active and productive part of the coffee industry in our country.

Every person that works for the Federation should have several qualities:

  • Commitment: when taking decisions, one should seek first the well being of the coffee grower.
  • Priority for the group: look for the benefit of the group first, instead of the individual benefit.
  • Responsibility: assume the consequences of their actions.
  • Leadership: capacity to positively influence others within the organization as well as outside of it.
  • Discipline: capacity to follow norms and procedures previously established and, after debate, obey decisions even when not in agreement.
  • Creativity: have a positive attitude towards change, and look for new alternatives (innovation).
  • Proactivity: positive  and active attitude towards tasks and responsibilities.
  • Honesty: act in a proper way and use resources for the purpose for which they were intended.
  • Transparency: open decision-making. Act in an open manner and make decisions in the same way.


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