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Professor Yarumo

The Yarumo Project was born in 1985   with the purpose of supporting through the mass media the efforts of the FNC’s Extension Service.

Professor Yarumo  means education, knowledge, progress and well-being. These characteristics  give him recognition and credibility within Colombian coffee growing families. This character also has his own television and radio programs, develops training programs for extensionists, promotes both technology and the Federation activities and programs amongst Colombian coffee growers, and writes  articles in newspapers related to the coffee industry.

Currently, the character of Professor Yarumo is represented by an extensionist from Risaralda whose name is Carlos Armando Uribe. Thanks to his communication and social skills, he has become one of the most well accepted coffee personalities in the rural regions of the country.

Thisprogram has been the most reassuring experience in many years of my professional life. Every recording is an injection of optimism, a lesson on work, a resurrection of values, an example of team effort, a model of the coffee institution, an ecological anthem, an opportunity to learn, a paradigm of identity, a highlighting of a dream, a gift towards the construction of the country and an undeniable model of peace.

Carlos Armando Uribe Fandiño - Professor Yarumo

Television Program "The Adventures of Professor Yarumo"

The mission of this program is "To enhance  the productivity of Colombian rural areas around coffee and its natural resources, while promoting a change in attitude within coffee growers and common Colombians, to have a better country”."The Adventures of Professor Yarumo" is a recreational, informative, and didactic program whose objective is to motivate and inform coffee growing families and the people of the country in general, about progressive practices promoted by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

Through daily lessons and stories of the country and its personalities, Professor Yarumo seeks to help people to be aware of preserving their natural resources and to highlight the cultural manifestations of the different coffee regions of Colombia.

After 23 years, Professor Yarumo is considered to be the most influential, educational/recreational program of the Colombian coffee industry and of the farmers in general, highligting the civil, social, and moral values of the rural life.

Nearly 900 TV episodes have shaped into the public minds the images and the reality of the national coffee trade, as well as that of other geographic regions, economies and natural phenomena that highlight the beauty and richness of Colombia.


Recognitions and Distinctions

1986 United Nations Prize "Image of the Colombian Environment".

1989 Simon Bolivar Prize "The Best Director of an Educational Cultural Program".

1990 World Nutrition Day conferred by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

1991 The Enrique Pérez Arbeláez Prize conferred by the Nutritional Foundation of Spain (FEN).

1992 The Alejandro Humboldt Medal conferred by the Botanical Garden of Marsella, Risaralda.

1993 The Paul Harris Prize conferred by the International Rotary Club.

2003 "TV y Novelas Prize" for the social support of the program to Colombian television.


Radio Programs

The radio is the most important mass media in the rural regions of Colombia. In the coffee areas the program has an acceptance rate of 82%. For this reason this media has become one of the most effective methods of the Extension Service.

It is supported by the Coffee Radio Network, conformed of by more than 80 radio stations from the different Departmental Committees, we produce 2 programs monthly: the Professor Yarumo and Excelso. They inform about the services that the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation programs, promote technological advances,  highlight local successes and, at the same time, promote the the sense of belonging.


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