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Our Principles
  • In all of our roles we have a profound respect for coffee growers, their families, and their communities. We learn from coffee growers, from their experiences and their challenges, which we  help,  them to overcome through our scientific knowledge and participation.
  • We respect the privacy of coffee growers. We provide them with assistance in a transparent and professional manner.
  • The proper training of the rural producers and their families is key to achieve sustainable changes in knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behavior. We firmly believe that education generates personal, family and community development.
  • We transmit relevant and scientific knowledge to the rural coffee regions of our country. The improvement in productivity of coffee plantations is based on the research results obtained at Cenicafé and other research centers.
  • We seek to qualify coffee growers and their families in agrarian techniques so that they can obtain greater income and contribute to the improvement of their quality of life and that of their community.


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