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Information system SICA

The Coffee Information System (or SICA, Sistema de Información Cafetera, in Spanish) is a dynamic information system that enables the FNC  to access information regarding every single coffee farm in the country.

The individual information of every farm is, according to our statutes, private and cannot be shared without the explicit authorization of the coffee grower. The aggregated information of our data base, however, is an important tool for making decisions within the productive scope as well as those that relate to social, environmental and infrastructure areas.  Many of our programs and Instruments are designed upon the information obtained from the SICA system. In the same way our projects of Sustainability That Matters also utilize information from SICA for their design, implementation and control.

Our immediate goal is to permit our coffee growers to access through Internet the information regarding their farms and to keep current and optimize the dialogues between coffee growers, the Extension Service and Cenicafé.  It is for this reason that the Federation has begun an ambitious project of rural connectivity.

Technical Characteristics

 The SICA is the only geo referenced database dedicated to coffee farms with nationwide coverage in Colombia.

It is conformed of by two large databases:

-The georeferencing database, which provides the unique location for every coffee lot including its geographic coordinates and altitude  information.

-Alphanumeric database that permits the user to look-up the number of coffee growers, estates and coffee lots in each of the estates including their specific characteristics.

 The SICA database is updated by the Extension Service which submits basic information regarding coffee growers, their farms, the programs for improve competiveness, education, domiciliary infrastructure, social  health protection, Coffee Growers ID’s, special coffee traceability, socioeconomic studies, nutritional security, environmental conditions, crop prognostics, and others.

This platform will permit  the coffee grower to access the system and consult basic information of his/her farm and coffee lots. They ma


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