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189 youngsters are now part of the “Rural University” project

Manizales, March 22, 2012 (Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Caldas)189 youngsters from the municipalities of Aguadas, La Merced, Pácora, Supía and the town of Florencia-Samaná participated in the Induction to University Life day held in the University of Manizales under the frame of the “Rural University” project.

This educational initiative is promoted by the Education for Competitiveness, a public-private alliance between the FNC´s Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Caldas, the CHEC, and Caldas´s regional government. It allows 10th and 11th grade students of Rural Educational Institutions to develop their undergraduate education in a technical and technological level within a period of two and three years respectively.
The students who attended the University of Manizales are part of the project´s expanded coverage, which is reaching in 2012 a total of 832 participants of 17 municipalities of Caldas in three different universities. This reflects the evolution that “Rural University” has faced since 2010, when only 220 students of six Rural Educational Institutions and one public university had been involved. 
The participants, who in many cases were visiting a university for the first time in their lives, expressed their joy and gratitude to the project, which is granting them a new opportunity to succeed in life.


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