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1st International Coffee Day Will Take Place in October

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) and its 74 member states have joined forces to celebrate the first annual International Coffee Day on October 1st. The ICO includes coffee producing and consumer countries and 26 coffee organizations.

The International Coffee Day will celebrate the diversity, quality and passion of the coffee growing sector. It will be an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their common passion and to support millions of coffee growers. The first International Coffee Day will coincide with the 115th session of the International Coffee Council and the 1st World Coffee Forum.

A massive campaign will be launched in August to promote this important day and to encourage coffee lovers to participate in the celebration. The campaign will include a website with information about the International Coffee Day and the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay which will be used on Twitter and Facebook.

The ICO signed a memorandum of understanding with Oxfam International to launch the “A Pending Coffee Against Poverty” campaign. The notion of “pending coffee” is an Italian tradition that revolves around donating the value of a second cup of coffee to those in need. The campaign will provide coffee consumers the opportunity to donate to small-scale coffee producers through Oxfam International via an online platform.

Several countries celebrate their own coffee days throughout the year. In Colombia, the National Coffee Day has been celebrated on June 27th for the past five years with the support of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and the Toma Café (Drink Coffee) Program.

Colombia recently ratified the International Coffee Agreement upon the ICO. Ratified by 45 coffee exporting countries and 32 importing countries, the agreement seeks to strengthen the global coffee-producing sector while promoting its sustainable expansion. The agreement is of utmost importance to coffee producers, exporters and importers.

About OIC

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is an intergovernmental organization created under the auspices of the United Nations to serve the international coffee community. Created in 1963, the ICO brings together producing and consuming countries to exchange views on coffee matters and market conditions and to address coffee policies. The services provided by the ICO include updated information and statistics, innovative projects that benefit the global coffee economy, reports on the coffee market and economic research, consulting on financing, conferences and seminars.


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