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2011 was a positive year for Quindio’s coffee industry

In 2011 crop renovation programs proved to be very successful among coffee growers from the department of Quindio. The number of renovated hectares in the department increased 50% reaching 4.565; 1.502 more hectares compared to the registered figures of 2010. Since at least 582 of the recently renovated hectares were areas where crops other than coffee used to be grown, Quindio’s cultivated coffee area expanded significantly in 2011.

In order to assist producers and help them achieve a young, profitable and competitive coffee industry, the FNC’s Extension Service visited Quindio’s 6.542 coffee farms in at least three occasions in 2011. According to Guillermo Zuluaga, Executive Director of the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Quindio, “We expect that Quindio’s 32.000 hectares of coffee will generate revenues of nearly US$ 134 million in the production stage and 90 thousand direct jobs in the production and harvesting processes.” 

Besides the successful achievements mentioned above, 2011’s registered international coffee prices enabled coffee growers to have a stable income all year round despite the difficulties regarding weather and productivity.

In order to recover the department’s productivity, the Committee’s Executive Director has been working with Quindio’s recently elected local and departmental leaders who, according to Zuluaga, are aware of the social importance of coffee, the employment it generates, and its significance to the department’s rural areas.


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