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In 2011 Buencafé Freeze Dried Colombian Coffee will have a sustainable Christmas

An example for present and future generations of everyday life sustainability and community work

Chinchiná, Colombia, December 9, 2011.  Buencafé Freeze Dried Colombian Coffee´s goal of having a sustainable 2011 Christmas was accomplished by recycling materials community members had at home, and therefore, easing the consumption-disposal chain. On December 9 a 13 meter Christmas tree made out of more than 8.000 recycled bottles was one of the figures that lit up the premises in an event that was attended by all employees and their families. Over 400 people including local government and supplier representatives, and headmasters of two of Chinchiná´s schools met for the occasion.  

To be able to achieve an environmentally friendly Christmas based on recyclable materials, Buencafé was assisted by community members and the company´s staff, whom together gathered 28.942 bottles. In addition, the project had the commitment, hard work, and positive attitude of the significant others and children of several of Buencafé´s employees, who starting November worked daily in the development of the handcrafts.  

According to Ximena Cárdenas, Buencafé´s administrative assistant, “What you see now is the result of permanent teamwork between those that came up with the idea, and those who made it come true: designers, engineers, and general service staff members and their families…One of the most rewarding outcomes of Buencafe´s Christmas initiative is that we had the opportunity to meet and interact, not only with our coworkers, but with their families.”

Buencafé´s environmentally friendly Christmas decorations will be donated to Chinchiná, where from now on, they’ll be used annually in the municipality´s parks. As an example for present and future generations, starting next year, Chinchiná community members will continue to elaborate Christmas recyclable crafts in order to make of Chinchiná the leading municipality in sustainable matters. 

“The way Buencafé understands the changes and challenges of the contemporary world and adapts to new circumstances is an admirable example for all of us. Currently, there is a worldwide environmental emergency and the company firmly supports the common cause,” said Adriana Henao, one of Buencafé´s employees.


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