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Coffee from the municipality of Totoró will be commercialized in Japan

In his visit to the Buenavista town in the municipality of Totoró, the Japanese entrepreneur Taroh Susuki found young coffee plantations, beautiful landscapes, and committed coffee growers. Inspired by the quality of Cauca’s coffee, Susuki established an agreement through the FNC’s commercialization area and the Coffee Growers Committee of Cauca’s Specialty Coffees Program in which he decided to buy coffee from the municipality. The commercialization agreement will be implemented in 2012 reaching a total of 15 thousand kilograms of dry parchment coffee.

Since the origin of the products he commercializes is a priority, Susuki visited the region’s coffee plantations and mingled with coffee producers. The Cometa and Camayo families, who decided to grow coffee as a life alternative, were some of the coffee growers Susuki met. The Japanese entrepreneur also had the opportunity to witness community and family work, quality procedures, and the young and technologically advanced plantations that are allowing growers to stay in their territory instead of abandoning it in response to a lack of opportunities. 
Totoró currently counts with 785 coffee growers that belong to farmer and indigenous communities. Additionally, there are 965 coffee growing farms that constitute a total area of 476 hectares grown in coffee.


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