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Female coffee grower from Tulua Ranked first

In order to continue to encourage coffee growers to produce the highest quality coffee, the Committee of Coffee Growers of Valle del Cauca and the Coffee Growers Co-op, with the support of Cafexcoop, Almacafé and Expocafé, held the fourth annual departmental quality competition earlier this year.

Out of the approximately 152 lots which participated 30 samples were initially selected. Of these, 10 samples were chosen to be carefully anylized in order to conclude the five winners as follows:


First Place: Fanny Gil rods of Tulua
Second Place: Francy Quirama Ordonez of the Union
Third Place: Edinson Montoya Gomez de Toro
Fourth place: Maria de la Luz Osorio Toro
Fifth place: Maria Ofelia Garcia Patino of Roldanillo.



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