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Health and Food Security for Valle del Cauca

Santiago de Cali, December 13, 2013-The Protracted Succor and Recovery Operation (Operación Prolongada de Socorro y Recuperación) –an alliance between the Coffee Growers Committee of Valle del Cauca, the Department for Social Prosperity (DSP), the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), and the World Food Programme– was signed in 2012.

While in year 2012 the operation provided food to 3.193 people, in 2013 it has benefited 2.740 Valle del Cauca inhabitants from the municipalities of Sevilla,Caicedonia, Jamundí, Yotoco, Calima Darién, Restrepo, Trujillo, Riofrío, Bolívar, Tuluá, Ansermanuevo, El Águila, El Cairo, Dagua, La Cumbre, Ginebra, and San Pedro.

Besides delivering food, members of the Coffee Growers Committee´s Extension Service conducted training sessions on nutrition and health matters in order to sensitize beneficiaries about the importance of having healthy eating habits. Among the matters discussed were the nutritional needs related to age, gender, physiology, and physical activity.          

The initiative has also encouraged the restoration of ancestral traditions including growing vegetables, legumes and fruits and producing animal proteins like meat. Drinking water has also been fomented because it helps digestion, maintains body temperature, carries nutrients to cells, and eliminates body wastes. 


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