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Juan Valdez® Opens its First Café in Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica, May 28 2015 -Juan Valdez®, the premium Colombian coffee brand, officially opened its doors to the public in Costa Rica. Located in the city of San José, the new café is the first of five stores that will open in the country throughout 2015.

Juan Valdez® cafés offer products that meet high quality standards and guarantee origin. The café in Costa Rica will sell roasted and packaged coffee, warm and cold beverages made with premium Colombian coffee, desserts, and products for coffee preparation and consumption.   

The opening of the new café is part of Juan Valdez’s expansion strategy. Over the past twelve years, a total of 322 cafés have opened in Colombia and abroad. To date, Juan Valdez® operates in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, the United States, Spain, Aruba, Bolivia, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Kuwait, El Salvador, South Korea, Malaysia, and Costa Rica.

Hernán Mendez, President of Procafecol S.A, noted, “We are proud to arrive in Costa Rica with a unique proposal that recognizes the role of the coffee grower in satisfying the consumer. Penetrating markets that are familiarized with the product is both a great challenge and a source of satisfaction. We are proud of the fact that Colombian coffee producers are capable of working together to create brands and businesses that benefit everyone. .”  

“We are confident that the quality of our coffee and the warmth of our service will be a great match for the discerning palates of Costa Rican consumers,” added Mr. Mendez.

According to the Executive Director of Corporación JV Centroamérica, the company that operates the Juan Valdez® brand in the region, “We decided to launch operations in Costa Rica because of the country’s sophisticated coffee market and high flow of foreign visitors. We are convinced that Juan Valdez® brings a novel proposal; not only is its coffee globally recognized for its mildness, purity, balanced body, excellent quality and exceptional aroma, but its inclusive business model is unique in the world. These traits will complement the experience of Costa Rican consumers who are seeking gourmet options.”      

About Juan Valdez®

Juan Valdez® is the only internationally recognized brand that belongs to coffee producers. . Inspired in the icon that has represented Café de Colombia for over 50 years, in 2002 the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation –a non-profit organization that represents more than 500,000 Colombian coffee producing families– created the Juan Valdez® brand for coffee shops and value added businesses. After the popularity and acceptance of the brand in coffee shops was consolidated, the distribution of Juan Valdez® products in other domestic and international distribution channels began. Besides being a synonym of high quality for premium coffee consumers, Juan Valdez´s coffees transfer a greater value to coffee producers based on quality and significant royalties for each cup of coffee or product that bares its signature. For further information visit www.juanvaldezcafe.com and www.cafedecolombia.com


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