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Rural Women Association ECCO Program
Rural Women Association Techno Head Family Durania, has always stood out as the leading trade association in the town , characterized by its organization and entrepreneurship with their leaders, women 's coffee .
Therefore, the program of support for female entrepreneurship Chamber of Commerce Cúcuta, ECCO Women - Entrepreneurs Colombians for Competitiveness , was interested in working with the group of women ASOMURCAFFD coffee , integrating a group of other women have a viable business idea that needs to be developed for starting or leading a company with over a year of operation and need to strengthen the growth and consolidation of its business model .
This program , which has been developing since 2009, whose main objective is to promote the creation and strengthening of sustainable and competitive businesses run by women and aims to contribute to increasing the participation of women in the economics department.
The coffee association leaders receive life project workshops , creativity and innovation , business plan design , neurolinguistic , among others in person and virtually.
Dr. José Miguel González Campo President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cucuta , Dr. Garay Yesmith Dominguez Regional Program Coordinator ECCO Women and Dr. Ana Belén Torres Manrique Executive Director of the Committee of Coffee Growers of Norte de Santander and Godmother Program ECCO women in the department expressed their commitment to the process that will start the coffee ASOMURCAFFD women , to strengthen the coffee roasting company can produce and market it throughout the region .


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