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Town leaders foment crop renovation among their communities


During the past few years the FNC´s Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Magdalena has developed a campaign which intends to persuade coffee growers to improve their aged coffee plantations through crop renovation initiatives which increase plant density, regulate the shading of agroforestry systems, and increase and stabilize coffee production.  

Under the frame of the campaign, the “Renovation Godfather” (Padrino Renovador) strategy encourages town leaders to motivate and convince their communities of the importance of having productive and sustainable coffee plantations. Leaders are invited to support the Extension Service´s extensionist of their respective districts by reporting the number of hectares to be renovated in their towns. By the end of 2013 an award will be granted to godfathers who do a better job in supporting this productivity improvement initiative during the year.

Two coffee growers from the municipality of Magdalena have already been awarded for inscribing 37 growers of their communities to the program and reaching a total of 75 renovated hectares with the Castillo variety. In 2013 alone they’ve already inscribed 40 coffee growers which will be responsible for the renovation of 80 hectares.


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