In 2010, 91,352 coffee grower families were assisted by the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee o

 Medellín, March, 3, 2011 (FNC Press) - In 2010, the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Antioquia invested nearly 21,8 million dollars in development programs, coffee industry competiveness, education, and health, involving 91,352 coffee grower families within 94 municipalities of Antioquia´s coffee growing region.

 The support granted to the Committee by benefactors in 2010, exceeded 17,6 million dollars. Of every $100 pesos invested in Antioquia´s coffee regions, $19 were provided by the Committee and $81 by benefactors. Today, a total of 440 social benefit programs including infrastructure, productive projects, education, health and coffee industry competitiveness, are being held in Antioquia.

Management summary of the Departmental Committee of Antioquian Coffee Growers in 2010