Inter-institutional alliance established between the FNC and Cajibío´s municipal administration

In order to establish an articulated working plan between the FNC and the municipal administration of Cajibío, the Executive Director of the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Cauca met with members of the Municipal Coffee Grower´s Committee of Cajibío and the municipality´s mayor.

 During the meeting the main subjects discussed were the development of Cajibío´s coffee industry in 2011, particularly in terms regarding coffee crop renovation programs such as Permanence Sustainability and Future (PSF), which bestowed 823 credits worth more than US$ 1.6 million for the renovation of 533 hectares grown in coffee, and Competitiveness, which renovated 89 hectares with US$ 42 thousand. Other initiatives that have benefited coffee growers from Cajibio such as “Mujeres y Jóvenes con Pasión por la Tierra,” a program that promotes coffee growing traditions among young generations and foments gender equity, were also evaluated.      

Additionally, the Departmental Coffee Growers Committee of Cauca proposed a plan to be included in Cajibio´s Municipal Development Plan to be developed in the upcoming four years. The main goals of the proposal include the renovation of 2000 hectares and the planting of 1000 new coffee hectares. 

In order to consolidate joint work dynamics, meetings between the FNC and municipal administrations will continue to take place. According to Cauca´s Executive Director Gerardo Montenegro, “we are interested in strengthening Cauca´s coffee industry. In order to do so, coffee matters can be included in the Municipal Development Plans and municipal administrations must take into account the social and economic dynamics that coffee foments in our department.”