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The Administration of the Federation

The Federation's employees belong to its administration. They are led by a CEO who is chosen by the National Congress of Coffee Growers. The following list illustrates the structure of the organization.

FNC's Processes

The Processes of the Organization


Objective: generate competitive and sustainable technologies as well as applicable knowledge in order to improve coffee production and subsequently the well-being of the Colombian coffee growers.

Rural Extension Service

Objective: educate through technological, social, cultural, economic and other processes, in order to change the attitudes of the Colombian coffee growers in such a way that generates their well-being as well as the well-being of their families and community.

Coffee Grower Representation

Objective: achieve active participation and strengthen the sense of belonging of each coffee producer to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

Projects of Social Development

Objective: structure social development projects so as to improve the quality of life of coffee growers as well as their community within coffee regions.

Regulation of Coffee Policies

Objective: assure the competitiveness of Colombian coffee, and integrate all related parts of commercialization via the establishment, dissemination and execution of norms and policies related to the quality, transformation and coffee exports.

Management of Marketing and Innovation:

Objective: analyze the different market variables in order to design products that meet or surpass the needs and expectations of the client.

Coffee Purchases and Supply Logistics

Objective: negotiate the price and other conditions of purchase according to the requirements established in the Federation's plans, taking into account the purchase guarantee service for each coffee grower.


Objective: achieve the negotiation and establish the prices as soon as possible.

Transformation and Distribution Logistics

Objective: add value to our raw material in order to obtain different final products. Coordinate the distribution  by complying with the requirements of the client at the lowest cost possible.

Client Service

Objective: attain client loyalty through opportune and effective responses to their concerns based  an efficient  communication.

Administrative and Financial Assistance

Objective: support the strategic business units  reinforcing its different services optimizing costs and incrementing productivity.

Intellectual Property

Objective: assure that the intangible property (brands, business secrets, publication rights, and technology) of the FoNC (National Coffee Fund) and the FNC through policies so that they are used to the benefit of the Colombian coffee grower while permitting the strategic and commercial operations of the FoNC and the FNC.


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